Telephone Town Hall Events

A VocalFi telephone town hall is a media platform with the audience reach and message control of broadcast television, the targeting and flexibility of direct mail, and the intimacy of a conversation.  This is the power of VocalFi.

Our broadcast conference solution becomes your own private talk radio program.

You can the households and communities within your district or other political jurisdiction (Wards, Cities or Counties, for example) you want to include on the call by sorting your list before you provide it to us.

You direct the entire conversation; interact with your people, and capture opinions, knowledge, and rich data to help you stay engaged with them while also keeping them fully informed.

VocalFi was founded and is operated by experienced telecommunications executives with years of experience delivering high profile, next generation telephone applications for unions, non-profits, campaigns, media superstars, and more.

We are committed to delivering innovative, high impact, high quality services in a simple and easy-to-use format. Our team of seasoned professionals provides comprehensive support for all aspects of event production – from strategic targeting and scripting, to training, technical production and post-event analysis.

We capture information from the event and return it to you after the event as additional columns on the spreadsheet you’ve sent us.

That can include:

How many people participated in the event and for how long.

  • Which participants “raised their hand” to ask a question by pressing 9 on their phone.
  • The information they gave the call screener.
  • Updated contact information, including email addresses, the screeners obtained from the participants.
  • Callers’ responses to poll questions you asked during the call.
    • You can ask people to “press 1” if they have spoken to their Congressman/Senator in past month or “press 2” if in past 3 months and so on.
    • You can ask any question you like, either pre-set before the call or asked as the call progresses.
    • We return the replies with each record, so you know how John or Jane Doe answered the questions and can follow up accordingly.

This ability to interact with your targeted universe offers you the opportunity to get most out of your conversation.

Contact Mike at or 866 723 4669